Roadsteads Areas

The Roadsteads Areas (Transshipment and Maintenance Areas) have been designated as such in a National Decree designated ports and roadstead areas, pursuant to Article 32 of “Harbor and Roadstead act. (AB 2014  no.7) Ships using the Transshipment or Maintenance Areas for anchorage purposes will need to pay anchorage dues. No vessel shall be allowed to anchor and or layup in the Aruba appointed Roadsteads, without prior explicit authorization from the Harbor Master and without a designated Shipping Agent. All vessels must anchor as instructed by the Harbor Master, and must not shift except on the instruction of the Harbor Master.

Dedicated Transshipment Area (DTA)

An STS (Ship-to-Ship) Transfer Operation is an operation where crude oil, petroleum products and liquefied gas are transferred between seagoing ships made fast alongside each other. Such operations may take place when one ship is at anchor or when both are underway. Aruba has a dedicated transshipment area located approximately 5 miles southwest of the island (see map), geographically ideal for STS and bunkering operations. With depth of water ranging from 48 to 82 meters free from underwater hazards reasonably good holding ground, with tidal stream less than 2.5 knots and a constant trade wind.

Dedicated Maintenance Area (DMA)

In the Maintenance Area you need to obtain authorization from the Harbor Master to anchor for performing repairs or other maintenance such as: change of owner, change of crew, taking parts/ supplies, class Inspection, underwater Inspection, engine repairs, deck repairs, Ship Hull Cleaning, propeller/rudder cleaning.

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