Sailing Permit

Under Article 6 of the National Decree Public Waters and Beaches (AB 1987 No. 124) it is forbidden as skipper of Aruba to leave with - or to act as skipper at sea on board of a in Aruba belonging sail - motor or vessel unless he or she presents a written signed, free from duty stamp and issued free of charge, permit stating:

  • A registry number and, if the vessel carries one, the name of the vessel;
  • The name of the owner and the skipper;
  • The strength and names of members of the crew;
  • If in regards to fishery, the description where fishing is allowed.
  • This permit is by or on behalf of the Minister responsible for Transportation and is issued for six months.
  • The permit may (without reason) be refused and / or revoked by the concerned authority.
  • Before issuing the permit, the vessel must be inspected by an inspector of the Directorate of Shipping Aruba.
  • When picking up the permit one must show a valid identity document and the registration of the vessel in question.
  • Waiting time: 3 days
  • Cost: N/A

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