Harbour Master

The Harbour Master is the focal regulatory body in dealing with all vessels that are active in the waters surrounding Aruba. From time-to-time the Harbour Master can and will act in cooperation with other regulatory bodies or with the mandate from the Minister in charge of transportation. The Harbour Master decides about the admission to and/or exclusion of vessels in, to and from waters surrounding Aruba. All ship movement within the waters surrounding Aruba is governed by the requirements of the “Harbour Master Policy” and is controlled by the Harbour Master through The Directorate of Shipping Aruba. The Harbour Master supervises the safe and orderly flow of traffic in waters surrounding Aruba and carries out the duties entrusted to it by law. The “Harbour Master Policy” provides an outline of the directives and instructions that the Harbour Master is empowered to issue to all seagoing ships or vessels that use and exploit the territorial waters forming part of the Exclusive Economic Zone of Aruba in other words the waters surrounding Aruba. Any changes that affect the Harbour Master Policy are disseminated by notices in the official Gazette of Aruba and/or notices to mariners issued by the Directorate of Shipping and furthermore also available through this website. All concerned are responsible for ensuring that they refer to the latest edition of the Harbour Master Policy publication, also found on this website.

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