About Us

The Directorate of Shipping Aruba was instituted on October 13th, 1993 by the then Minister of Transport and Communications as a government policy advisory body. The Directorate is responsible for the preparation, design and implementation of policy in the field of shipping, as well as:
- To develop within the limits of the Charter for the Kingdom of The Netherlands a shipping policy and preparing the associated therewith desirable legislation.
- The supervision of security in the waters of Aruba and compliance by third parties of the applicable national and international regulations on ships and shipping in the waters of Aruba.
- Promoting adequate management of ports assigned to third parties Aruba.
- Ensuring the maintenance of an adequate control or buoys, beacons and lights for the benefit of coastal shipping in the waters of Aruba.
- Maintaining and improving the maritime links of interest by Aruba.
- Promoting the registration of ships in the Aruban shipping registry.
- The supervision of a responsible pilotage of ships by third parties in the waters of Aruba.
- The issuance of licenses and other legal documents related to the shipping or the use of the waters of Aruba.
- Providing information to third parties on shipping.

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